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Long sentence for Egyptian protest leader upheld

期货配资股指期货配资BBC World Service

The top appeals court in Egypt has upheld a 15-year jail sentence for Ahmed Douma, one of the leading figures of the uprising in 2011 that brought down President Hosni Mubarak.

期货配资股指期货配资Douma originally received a 25-year jail sentence on charges of clashing with security forces during a protest in 2013.

期货配资股指期货配资That sentence was subsequently reduced to 15 years.

This latest verdict from the court of cassation means that no further appeal can now be made.

Official complaint lodged in Egypt against alleged abuser

期货配资股指期货配资BBC World Service

期货配资股指期货配资The public prosecution office in Egypt says that it has to date received one complaint over a man who's been accused online of multiple incidents of sexual assault and harassment.

期货配资股指期货配资The young Egyptian man - whose picture and name have been widely shared online - has been accused of the sexual abuse of more than 100 women over a period of several years.

期货配资股指期货配资There have also been claims that the man blackmailed some of his victims.

There's hope the outrage over this case will focus attention on the issue of sexual harassment in Egypt.

Algerian activists freed ahead of independence day

Karim Tabbou is greeted upon release

The Algerian government has provisionally released a key protest movement leader, Karim Tabbou, and three other activists ahead of the country's independence day.

He was released alongside activists Amira Bouraoui and Samir Benlarbi on Thursday.

期货配资股指期货配资Tabbou is one of the most prominent figure of the "Hirak" movement that forced the downfall last April of long-time President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

He was sentenced to a one-year jail term in March for an "attack on the integrity of national territory" after a speech he made, which was posted on Facebook, criticised the role of the army in politics

Amnesty International, which lobbied for Tabbou's release, welcomed the "good news" and called for the "immediate and unconditional" release of all other "prisoners of opinion" held in Algeria.

期货配资股指期货配资Algerian activists had been holding weekly anti-government protests for more than a year until March when the coronavirus pandemic spread to the country.


France 'to return skulls of Algerian heroes'

期货配资股指期货配资BBC World Service

Algeria says France is about to return the remains of 24 fighters who were killed resisting French colonial forces in the 19th Century.

The skulls of at least some of them have been kept and displayed by a museum in Paris.

The fighters included key figures in the resistance.

期货配资股指期货配资Among them was Sheikh Bouzian, who was captured by the French in 1848, then shot and decapitated.

期货配资股指期货配资President Emmanuel Macron has said that his country’s colonisation of Algeria was a crime against humanity.