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'I wanted to take my culture and make it represent me now'

DJ Edu

期货配资股指期货配资This Is Africa

Sho Madjozi
Trent Correa
Sho Madjozi is making a documentary and has just been signed to Epic Records

期货配资股指期货配资South African star Sho Madjozi is as famous for her colourful style as she is for her high-energy songs. But as she told me, there is more to her pompoms and full skirts than fun.

期货配资股指期货配资She grew up in rural Limpopo amongst Tsonga women who would wear longer versions of the xibelani skirts she has made famous, and she decided she wanted to bring her culture into the 21st Century:

期货配资股指期货配资When I came out I was wearing the xibelani but in my way - of someone who lives in Johannesburg. I’m a young, urban South African. I'm not living in the rural areas any more, so I wanted to take my culture and make it represent me now."

I don't blame young people for sometimes running away from tradition… Why would I dress like my grandmother? I think we've been so traumatised by colonialism that we just tried to preserve culture almost at the point where colonialism started, forgetting that it was evolving.

My granny was not dressing like her mother. I think the threat of us losing our culture to Western influences has made it that we just protect it. We just hold onto the way it was then, instead of letting young people also evolve it and change it.

期货配资股指期货配资I got a lot of backlash, [with people saying]: 'Is she allowed to wear it like this?'.

But I think the only way culture will survive is if we are allowed to make it our own, and make it current. We must change culture, it’s the only way."

Sho Madjozi is making a documentary about the xibelani. She's also just been signed by Epic Records from the US.

We hope that she is not asked to change her very African, very contemporary style.

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Sho Madjozi, South African rapper, singer, songwriter, actress and poet performed at The Homecoming Africa Festival on Saturday 28 Oct 2019.
Gallo Images
Sho Madjozi wearing her version of a xibelani skirt on stage
, playwright Laura Horton has sent to the government of how the theatre has helped people.

One of those stories is about Roni Neale.

期货配资股指期货配资Aged 16, Roni Neale took part in National Theatre Connections - a project that brought together young people from around the UK.

The performance that year took place at TRP and it was there she made friends for life.

Roni Neale
Roni Neale

期货配资股指期货配资"It was just the best day I'd had in my life until then," she said.

"TRP allowed a glimpse of the reality of working in larger-scale theatre - particularly for someone who's closest large-scale theatre was an hour's drive away.

期货配资股指期货配资"It was absolutely life-changing and showed me what theatre was outside of my very rural bubble.

期货配资股指期货配资"Coming to TRP, there was just something extraordinary about the scale and spectacle of a dedicated, properly funded performance space and it allowed me to perform to hundreds of people - even more mind-blowing.

"TRP created an incredibly welcoming and open atmosphere for young people who had heads full of questions we never thought we'd get to ask," she added.